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How Answering Service for Contractors Works


Pipes burst, heating fails, windows break. Who do people call? You! Answering service for contractors are a vital part of getting the problem fixed asap. Here’s how it all works…

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Whether you work for an HVAC company or are a contractor with a different type of business, your success depends on being able to serve customers quickly and effectively. An answering service for contractors is a critical piece of the process.

Let’s break this down with an example just to see how an answering service for contractors really works. In this example, let’s say you are a local plumber named Pete who uses answering services to cover your calls after normal business hours.

Susan is watching Netflix at home one night when she hears a funny noise coming from the basement. She quickly assess that she is not in a horror movie, so she goes downstairs to check it out. A pipe has burst and there is water spilling into her basement! So Susan runs upstairs and looks up the nearest plumber on Yelp (or maybe Susan is a little old school and grabs the phone book).

Who is first on the list? Your competitor! Obviously, you know you’re better than that guy, but Susan is having a crisis and just needs somebody. So she dials your competitor. The phone rings and rings and rings. Finally, it goes to voicemail. Does Susan leave a message, hope it gets checked, and go back to watching Netflix while she waits for a return call? No freaking way.

She hangs up as soon as she hears the voicemail greeting and calls the next plumber on the list. Hey! It’s you! Susan calls the number listed. The phone rings once or twice and then your answering service picks up because you’re not in the office. The conversation sounds like this…

Answering Service Agent: Thank you for calling Pete’s Plumbing. How can I help you?

Susan: A pipe burst in my basement and there is water gushing out! I need someone to come out and fix it asap!

Agent: Yikes. I’m sorry to hear that. But I should be able to help. May I ask who is calling?

Susan: My name is Susan Kinney.

Agent: And how do you spell your last name?

Susan: K as in Kentucky-i-n-n-e-y.

Agent: Got it. Thank you, Susan. And what’s your address?

Susan: 352 17th St SE

Agent: And the zip code please?

Susan: 98322

Agent:  Thank you. Susan, it looks like the plumber nearest to you isn’t available at this exact moment, but I can get a hold of him and have him give you a call back within the next 10 minutes so he can help you.

Susan: Alright, but please make it quick.

Agent: Absolutely! What’s the best number to reach you?

Susan: 503-555-2974

Agent: Ok, and just to confirm, that’s 503-555-2974.

Susan: That’s right.

Agent: Alright, I will contact the nearest plumber immediately and have him give you a call back right away.

Susan: Thank you so much!

The agent has collected all the vital information you need and sends the message to you however you specified when your account was set up (call, text, email, fax, carrier pigeon, etc). Since you qualify this as an emergency situation, you are called with the information so things can happen as quick as possible.

Boom! Now Susan knows she has a nearby plumber calling her back super soon. While she awaits your call, she grabs some buckets and pots and runs down to the basement to catch as much of the water as possible. She positions those and dashes upstairs to find a bunch of towels to try soaking up some of the mess too. On her way back down, you call her, confirm her address and zoom over to save the day!

You fix Susan’s pipe, she thanks/pays you, and you have gotten a big win. Not only did you just make some money, but if Susan ever has another plumbing issue, you are always going to be the first business she calls. Thanks to your answering service for contractors, you’ve now got a customer for life. Susan is even likely to recommend you to her friends!

Whether you are a plumber, towing service, HVAC company, glass repair provider, or any other type of contractor, an answering service helps you get your hands on more sales leads and enables you to provide superior customer service.

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