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Answering Service and Call Center Q&A: Episode 6


We get questions from all over the country about how our answering services and call center solutions can help many different kinds of businesses. Here are some of those questions and our responses.

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The freshest entry of our blog series examines three questions submitted to us via our Contact Us form about how our answering services and call center solutions can help different companies out. We thought it made sense to share these since we assumed that if one person is taking the opportunity to ask us, there must be others with similar questions. Here’s the latest Q&A…

“Hi, I am opening a law practice next month and I am looking for a bilingual receptionist that can also schedule appointments. I see you have virtual receptionist services as well as bilingual answering services. Do you have bilingual virtual receptionist services?”

It sounds like you’re looking for the ultimate hybrid of our bilingual answering services and virtual receptionist services. That’s absolutely an option! Our bilingual agents speak both English and Spanish fluently, and they can play the role of your virtual receptionist who answers calls, takes messages, transfers callers you’d like to speak with, schedules appointments, and more!

“I was fairly happy with my previous answering service provider, but they stopped offering paging services several months ago, which just doesn’t work for me. Also, my receptionist has left recently and I’m looking into the possibility of an answering service or virtual receptionist as an alternative to a replacement. What would you recommend for a small medical office like mine?”

First, we can definitely provide you with pager services. It seems like a lot of answering services are no longer offering paging services, but as long as it remains a well-established form of communication within the medical community, we will continue to support it.

And if you’re looking to keep on-site employees to a minimum at your office, we would recommend going the virtual receptionist route. Callers will never know the  person they are speaking with isn’t  sitting in your office, and they can take care of everything both you and your callers need from a receptionist. It’s also a far more  cost effective   option compared to all the money that goes into   hiring, training, paying, and supporting another full time receptionist.

“Hello, I’m one of the property managers for an apartment complex in Houston. We are trying to reach 100% occupancy, and not everyone is leaving a voice mail on our machine, so we don’t want to miss any more calls. Can you make sure we don’t miss any calls?”

We aren’t surprised to hear that not many people are leaving messages via voicemail.  It’s a fact that  the vast majority of callers hang up as soon as they hear the recorded greeting. Using our answering services prevents any of that voicemail nonsense from happening. We answer EVERY call so you don’t miss any opportunities to fill your vacancies.  100% occupancy sounds pretty sweet. Let’s make it happen!

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