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An Inexpensive Way to Boost Call Center Morale!


There are ways to boost call center morale that don’t involve monetary incentives or raises.

Image of call center agents with boosted morale

Call center  agents have a tough job. They are expected to sit for hours fielding calls from many kinds of people, (some of them can be quite irate).  Agents are rated on how effectively they handle all these callers. Their job can be emotionally draining at times. The key is how we, as managers, can keep these agents motivated to always be performing at their highest levels. While money can be a good performance incentive, it has not been proven that a higher wage will actually boost morale.

However, it should be known that call center agents can have their morale boosted  by recognition. There are cost effective ways that companies can recognize achievements by  their agents. While incentive based programs involving monetary gain are nice, most call center representatives just want to know that what they do is noticed by those that make decisions. Furthermore, little things like recognizing birthdays and employment anniversaries may seem trivial, but when it is recognized and celebrated by upper management, and not just their peers, overall morale can easily be boosted. Remember, call center agents should never be thought of as just another statistic, because we are all people who want to do our best and succeed.

Sound Telecom strives to improve both the quality and productivity of our agents through positive reinforcement and reward. We have a multi-tiered incentive program that not only rewards for a job well done, either by great quality or great stats, but also that they are an integral part of the company. While recognizing a SuperAgent of the Month in the Newsletter is nice, we try to remember that one of the best ways to compliment an agent is through human interaction. Not through a memo or posting, but with a face-to-face  compliment from the people that they might come in contact the least, but whose decisions matter the most.

A lot of  outsiders believe that call center work is boring, monotonous and mundane, but it does not have to be. By coming up with low budget incentive and recognition programs, companies can reap the benefits of call center agents that are happy and stress-free. When agents have smiles on their faces just walking into the call center, you know that will rub off on how they handle themselves on the phones. They will be professional, friendly, and  courteous on every call. When you create a fun, friendly call center environment it shines through for each caller who gets to experience phenomenal call center services.

And finally, let’s not forget how important your call center’s reputation in the community can be. When word gets out that your company actually cares about the well being of its employees, other talented people  will want to work there as well. So next time your company is thinking of an incentive program to try to boost morale, remember it is not just the money that will do it, but recognizing how valuable each individual is to the overall success of your company will make all the difference.

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