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After Hours Telephone Answering Service Never Sleeps


Companies that properly utilize a good after hours telephone answering service experience many benefits that improve their businesses.

Image of call center agents working for an after hours telephone answering service

In today’s global, 24/7, instant gratification, gotta-have-it-now business climate, a missed call can equal five missed sales.  How so you ask?  When someone calls in, and if your office is not available, but that person is in the mood to spend for whatever reason, you can believe it that in today’s world there will be a Twitter  comment or statement on some other social media platform explaining that “so-and-so’s company was closed, so I called such-and-such company and did business with them instead!” Trust me, it happens all the time.

But, economics aside, there are many businesses who would benefit from an after hours telephone answering service.

Some businesses that are frequent users of a live after hours telephone answering service are health care providers, attorneys, plumbers, electricians, and auto towing services, to name a few. But there are plenty more.

Typically, any after hours telephone answering service operates just like a standard answering service:  the agents can take as much or as little information, depending upon the company’s specific needs.  The messages are then delivered per the company’s specified instructions.

An after hours telephone answering service with live agents taking the calls can provide that human intellectual component that virtual services can’t.  The live agent can ask the specific questions you many need answered in order to ascertain the emergent nature of the call.  A great after hours telephone answering service will customize your service to your specific and detailed needs.

Some great reasons to have an after hours telephone answering service are:

  1. Never miss another call or opportunity, and ensure all calls are answered by a friendly, professional and courteous voice with a real person on the other end
  2. Build your business brand by customizing the greeting and customer experience
  3. Growing your business by having connections possible to existing and potential customers 24/7, 365 days a year
  4. Make sure you receive those urgent messages that come in after normal business hours.

With an after hours telephone answering service, a business will never miss a call and will have the opportunity to return a call on an evening, a weekend, even a holiday.  Sometimes customers are just as busy as regular companies, and can’t always take the time to call during normal business hours.  By enlisting the services of an after hours telephone answering service, one can ensure that customer calls are always being answered in a professional, friendly and courteous way.

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