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Adjusting to Change in the Workplace


What!? Your office is now using pens with blue ink instead of black? What is this world coming to? Well maybe that isn’t the biggest deal ever, but other changes around the office can be difficult to cope with. Read on and you’ll become a pro at adjusting to change in the workplace.

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It’s an ever changing world, and the workplace is no exception. Are you noticing difficulties with adjusting to new things in your office? Anything from a different boss to a new company policy to an office change can surely be a tough pill to swallow. Even smaller things like a new coworker, a different soda vendor, or a change in pen color can be difficult for some. Following a few pieces of advice, together with a few deep breaths, and you’ll be getting used to the new without much difficulty after all.

First, be sure to always maintain a positive attitude and look on the brighter side of things that come from change! Moving to a new office means a new view and a new opportunity for creativity to grow! New ownership may mean stronger policies that benefit employees or enhance procedures!  Blue pens are easier on the eyes than ones with black ink! Focusing on the negative sides of change when you are trying to figure out how to adapt to change in the workplace without taking time to examine and learn of the positives will only make this transition that much more difficult for you and those around you.

It’s also important to try and understand the reasons for this change. Why was a new teammate hired? Do you feel like management was trying to take away some of your responsibilities, or was it really out of necessity and high demand? If so, then this can only mean positive things for you and the rest of the team! Did the meal vendor change, because the previous one gave multiple people, (including Sandra down the hall in accounting), food poisoning? Then you are all way better off with the change!

Going through change can of course difficult. Learning new processes and procedures can be daunting. Working with different people is often tough. But fear not, because you’ve got this! Take some deep breaths, understand why changes were made, and always remember to focus on the positives. Adjusting to change in the workplace is now your specialty. Bring it on!

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