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A Great Telephone Answering Service Practices the Art and Business of Sharing

I was having a conversation with one of my professional colleagues and he mentioned how it seems people have lost the art of simple culture and gentility.  He said more and more often, he runs into people who do not know how to share, or have chosen to simply live their lives as takers, never giving anything in return.

I said that there are exceptions to the rule and he agreed.

Then I thought about it for quite a while and realized that any business in the business of customer service (and shouldn’t all businesses be in the customer service business if they want to be successful) understand the art and business of sharing.

This blog that I write, I do so in order to share — whether knowledge, helpful tips, insights, humor.  I write in order to share what I can, and hope that it helps someone, somewhere…

And your telephone answering service is in the business of sharing.  A great telephone answering service shares its expertise in many ways:

  1.  Telephone Answering Agents who share the gift of courteousness, friendliness, professionalism while representing your company to the world and to your customers
  2. Technology that shares methods to make answering your telephones efficiently and cost effectively
  3. Staff that shares its knowledge to ensure your answering service is tailored to fit your specific needs
  4. Reports and Data that share with you the details of your answering service results
  5. Staff members that share knowledge that may help your business in other areas, as I and my colleagues try to do through white papers and blogs
  6. Experience that shares wisdom gained to help you brand your business

Customer service is about solving challenges, and if those solutions not only solve a problem but impart new knowledge and understanding, then sharing is a part of that customer service experience.

Even asking about the concept of sharing during employee interviews can shed some light on the team you are building.  Ask a potential employee about the last time they shared anything:  a sandwich, a book, their time, their expertise…if someone can’t answer the question, I would wonder about their ability to function as part of a team.

Think about it.  Do you want a team of takers or a team of givers?  Takers only take, and they keep on taking…never giving back in any way, shape or form.  I’d rather have a team of givers.

They know how to share, and understand the civility and decency of doing so. They know that sharing in this respect is giving value for value.

So, go out today and share something…maybe we can start a revolution…maybe we can stop giving to the takers and start sharing with those who will carry the ball forward and give something back…whether a thank you, a smile, a joke, or sharing a hand, or even an idea…how revolutionary is that?