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9 Snack Ideas for Work You Can Keep at Your Desk


Something about concentrating always works up my appetite.  I find it difficult to go four or five hours in between meals without eating, but these snack ideas for work will keep you going strong.

Image of different foods as snack ideas for work

As busy professionals, we don’t always have time to leave the office to grab food, so it’s handy to stash some snacks at your desk to quell those hunger pangs.  Here are some snack ideas for work you can grab on your next grocery run:

1. Cereal bars

Special K bars are a tasty option, and I prefer them to granola.  They’re chewy with a slight crunch but not so crunchy to the point of being too hard on the teeth or noisy for the office.  You can even choose a bar with added fiber.

2. Instant oatmeal packets

They don’t take up a lot of space and are great to keep at your desk for those days you have to rush in to work.  There are many different flavors from which to choose: brown sugar, apple cinnamon, peaches and cream, etc.

3. Nuts (or trail mix)

Nuts are a good source of protein and are a convenient option for a dry and mess-free snack.

4. Dried fruit

Dried mangoes or apples have that sweetness you might sometimes crave and contain phytonutrients to help protect the body.  However, they do contain more sugar-per-serving than their water-filled counterpart, so be careful with how many you eat.

5. Nut butter

Keeping packets of peanut or almond butter can be a better alternative to a jar because it’s easy to squeeze out of the pouch.  If you’re allergic to nuts, you can opt for sunflower seed butter!

6. Crackers

Ritz or another whole-grain cracker paired with your nut butter is filling and can quiet your grumbly tummy.

7. Applesauce or fruit cups

While they’re not as healthy as natural fruit, fruit cups are a lot more low-maintenance, and you don’t have to worry about them spoiling.

8. Cans/Boxes of Juice

When your only other options are coffee or water, having juice during the day can be a nice little pick-me-up and awaken you and your taste buds.  I enjoy small boxes of apple juice or cans of V8 Fusion.

9. Chocolate

Trader Joe's dark chocolate nibs

Last, but not least in the snack ideas for work, is chocolate!  Sometimes you need that sinful indulgence, and chocolate can really hit the spot.  Look for those little tins of dark chocolate nibs or wedges near the check-out at your local Trader Joe’s!

If you have a bit more prep time in your day and are looking for other toothsome lunch and snack ideas for work you can pack ahead of time, feel free to check out our Pinterest page!



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