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7 Great Holiday Gift Ideas for Small Business Owners

Here are a few holiday gift ideas for the entrepreneurs and small business owners in your life during this season of giving.

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We’ve entered that gift giving season, and it can be tough to know what to get everyone on your list. If you’re buying for an entrepreneur or small business owner this year, we’ve got you covered. Here are 7 great holiday gift ideas at a variety of price points for those who are running their own business.

A new customer

This is probably the best thing you could ever get the business owner in your life. Tell people you know about their company and reffer them some business. If they play it right, you could even get them a new customer for life! Now that’s the gift that keeps on giving.

Versatile laptop

Business owners and entrepreneurs always have work to do and they are constantly on the go. A versatile laptop will keep them connected and productive no matter where they happen to be. When you think versatility when it comes to a laptop, think lightweight, tablet mode option, and processing power. Think along the lines of a Microsoft Surface, HP Spectre, or the Dell XPS 13.

Logo design

Every business benefits from having a great logo! Whether your entrepreneur has got a startup that needs it’s first logo, or they’ve been around for a little while and could use a logo refresh, hiring a graphic designer to do the job can be an awesome gift.

Credit card reader

Being able to accept all popular forms of payment is crucial to small business success. But it can prove challenging for entrepreneurs to invest in expensive point of sale equipment on a tight budget. Thankfully, the last few years has seen a rise in card readers that can be used with a smartphone to take payments. Square is definitely one you should consider, but here are all of this year’s best credit card readers according to PCMag.

First month with a virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist can play a huge role in the success of a small business. It’s like hiring a professional, experienced employee that’s on the job 24/7, but for a tiny fraction of the cost. With so much to do and only a limited amount of time to do it, entrepreneurs really appreciate having someone take care of the day-to-day, small tasks like phone answering and appointment scheduling while they focus on big picture stuff without interruption. Give your favorite small business owner their first month with a virtual receptionist and there’s a good chance they’ll choose to continue the service, because they love it so much.


There are so many great books out there for entrepreneurs and business owners. Loads of lessons can be found in said books with plenty of inspiration and motivation as well. Really anything by Malcolm Gladwell is a good choice, but here’s 25 of the best books for entrepreneurs from Inc.


You can’t go wrong with just getting some coffee for that person on your list living the startup life. Business owners need something to fuel their passion as they work long hours and never seem to rest. Whether you get them a bag of their favorite beans or a Starbucks gift card, they will appreciate the boost.

Holiday shopping can be a tall task, but these gift ideas should help you with the small business owners on your list. If you ever feel like you need to take a break from your workday to get all your shopping done, just flip your business phones over to your answering service and they’ll make sure you’re covered while you buy and wrap all your gifts. Happy holiday!

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