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5 Hacks To Stay Motivated Running Your Small Business

Running a small business is nothing short of a challenge. Staying motivated at all times is just one part of that difficult puzzle. Here are some ways you can  make sure the  flow of motivation is continuous and keep your small business on track for success.

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Entrepreneurs build businesses because they have a passion for the process. Creating new products, making ideas come alive, landing the first customer; it’s like watching your child take their first steps. The trouble is, not every day is a rush of excitement. Sometimes what your business requires and what you’re interested in doing are polar opposites. Unfortunately, when you’re the business owner, the buck stops with you. You can’t just ignore the mundane requirements that are crucial to your business’s survival.

The question is, how do you rekindle the fire you had for your business after things start to go cold? Being the head-honcho can be a lonely gig. If you don’t have someone pushing you to move forward, your loss of motivation could really cost your business.

To help you avoid the business blues, we have put together a short list of a few hacks business owners can use to rediscover what motivated them to go into business in the first place and reignite that flame.

5 Hacks To Stay Motivated Running Your Small Business

1. Revisit Your Mission Statement
When investing time in your company begins to feel like work, it can be helpful to take a step back and review why you got into this business by revisiting your Mission Statement. This should give you a good refresher of the specific aims and values that you built the company on. Don’t have a formal Mission Statement for your business? Now is the perfect opportunity to fix that. Few things are more motivating than taking a deep look at what you want your company to be and stand for and putting it into words.

2. Become Addicted To “Little Victories”
Managing the entire business requires that you are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve what you and your team are doing. The only problem with that is it can be easy to overlook progress and instead hyper-focus on what needs to be done next. Seeing anything through that kind of filter over long periods of time can start to take a toll. This is why it is so important to celebrate what we call “Little Victories.” A Little Victory is achieving smaller goals along the path towards your larger strategic targets. When you make celebrating Little Victories a fundamental part of your focus, you inject a much needed dose of positive energy into your business that can go a long way to maintaining motivation.

3. Invest Time In Professional Development
Sharpening your skill set is one of the most common and well known ways to energize and empower yourself. Self-studying online or taking a formal class to further your professional development can open up new doors of inspiration and opportunity. Consider checking out an open marketplace like  for different online education courses and certifications that can benefit you and your business.

4. Free Yourself Up To Focus On What You Enjoy
When you’re an entrepreneur growing a startup, there are bound to be a whole host of things your business requires that aren’t well-suited to your strengths, and even more, that aren’t the best use of your time. When you come across these tasks, it is important to consider your options and seek ways to delegate effectively. Should you really be the one managing your own books when you could be landing big sales? Do you really need to be the person answering every phone call when there are professional answering services that can act as your virtual receptionist while you handle mission critical tasks that only you can do? If you ask yourself questions like this and the answer is no, it’s pretty much guaranteed that continuing to run these responsibilities through you will be a big drain on you energy and motivation.

5. Rest And Recharge
No matter how many clever tricks you use to keep yourself engaged, at some point you have to take a break. That can look like anything from a week-long vacation to simply setting aside 30 minutes each day to step out and eat lunch while letting your mind wander to other non-business related areas. Also consider taking mental breaks between long stretches of concentrated work before immediately moving on to the next task. If you try to push through for too long, you risk burning yourself out. This can sometimes result in a total loss of motivation that can come at a high cost depending on what priorities are at risk at the time.

To protect against burnout as an entrepreneur, carefully consider each of these five recommendations. The success of your business is dependent upon you finding ways to maintain motivation and keep your entrepreneurial spirit lit.

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