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5 Apps You Should Have on Your iPhone

If you’re an iPhone user, these are five apps you should download right away.

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Apologies to Android users, but this just isn’t the post for you (but you can check out your must-have Android apps here). Now, gather in, iPhone users, and behold five apps that you really shouldn’t be living without.

A quick note first. We won’t be including any music or game apps. Not because we are anti fun, but because everybody has their own taste when it comes to games and music, so we’ll just let you all find your own way when it comes to that territory. Instead, we’ll have a look at a handful of super useful apps that every iPhone fan should download immediately.

Here goes…


Let’s be honest for a moment. The standard iPhone maps application is terrible. Nobody should use it. Ever. Even the Apple CEO recommends using a different navigation app. Enter Waze. Not only does this app give reliable directions and route options, but it also shows your speed (and when you’re speeding). Not only that, but Waze reports upcoming construction, slow downs, disabled vehicles, and even police so you can stay alert for whatever lies ahead.


This gem now goes beyond food and restaurant recommendation and reviews no matter where you happen to be. Looking for a dentist? Music venue? Doggie daycare? You can learn which ones to give a shot and which ones to avoid thanks to Yelp’s ever expanding universe of ratings and reviews submitted by people who have been there, drank this, and seen that.


If you’ve ever struggled with limited storage on your iPhone or wished you could access all your pictures from a computer, then Dropbox is for you. It’s a cloud storage app that stores whatever you want and makes it accessible from whatever device you’re using. You can securely share things and collaborate with other users too!


Finally! Apple no longer requires us to use their clunky keyboard. Swiftkey not only lets you swipe, tap, and type in more ways than you ever thought possible, but it also gets smarter the more you use it. Predictive instincts and insane versatility will have you sending messages quicker than ever with Swiftkey. Seriously, just give it a shot and you’ll wonder why you ever put up with the standard iPhone keyboard.

Find My iPhone

Ok, there are actually plenty of security apps you should consider for your iPhone. We don’t take the protection of our mobile devices seriously enough. At the bare minimum, you should get the Find My iPhone app. If your iPhone is lost or stolen, you can track it, turn on Lost Mode, remotely lock the phone, and even wipe the device if it comes to that. For more on protective apps, check out these Top 12 Best and Free Security Apps.

Hungry for even more app recommendations for your iPhone? Here are The 100 Best iPhone Apps by Digital Trends.

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