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3 Ways Text Messaging For Business Can Help You


Texting is a simple and convenient way to contact others and is often a preferred means of informal communication for many today.  The business world is constantly adapting to ever-changing technology, so it makes sense to look into text messaging for business, as well.

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Now that texting is prevalent in most of our lives, it would be crazy for companies not to use it to their advantage. Whether you are using text messaging for business to communicate with customers, patients, colleagues, employees, or anyone else for that matter, there are huge advantages. And a great call center is going to be able to help you be a leader in the texting age.

1. Text Message Dispatch

If you’re not one who enjoys receiving a phone call every morning and having to communicate via phone call with your answering service provider, text message dispatch is a great option for you.  It quickly and efficiently relays information such as messages and callback numbers to your phone.  Message dispatch can also accommodate more high-urgency circumstances and deliver messages to on-call personnel to resolve an issue in a timely manner.  Another benefit is that it’s already in writing, so you can refer back to the text if you need to access the information again at a later time.  Message dispatching isn’t only limited to mobile phone usage.  If you’re kickin’ it old school and would like to implement the use of pager services for dispatch, Sound Telecom will happily arrange for that, as well!

2. Secure Messaging

Maybe you’ve already contemplated using text messaging for business, but you’re concerned about security and any possible information breaches.  Our secure messaging solutions are  HIPAA and HITECH compliant and provide a well-adjusted environment for your business messages by encrypting every aspect- even photos and attached files.  The platform through which you access your messages can be password protected for secured access.  In the unfortunate circumstance that a device has been lost or stolen, an administrator can remotely wipe all confidential data from the phone.

3. Cloud Texting

Ah yes, the ever popular cloud. Now, it is completely transforming the world of text messaging for business. We know that you can’t always have your phone screen sitting in front of your face, whether it’s because you’re at work or because you just don’t want to constantly carry your device in your hand.  Cloud-based texting allows you to keep your existing landline number and receive text messages to that number on your computer!  This incredible feature lets you to connect all your devices and enables you to send and receive messages from your phone, tablet, and computer.  You can enjoy the convenience of not having to retrieve your phone every few minutes to respond to messages.  (Not to mention it’s a lot more ergonomical to type on a full-sized keyboard than a tiny phone screen.)  A great service provider of this function is ZipWhip.  Text enabling all your business lines has tons of applications, many of which are compatible with inbound call center services.

We hope this article provided you with greater insight into the capabilities of text messaging for business.  If you’d like to have a discussion on how text message dispatch, secure messaging, or cloud-based texting can enhance your business, please call us today.



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