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10 Best Office Hacks

Get ahead at work by using these 10 best office hacks.

Back in the day, the only thing you could hack was a tree. Then computers came along and hacking became loaded with negative connotations. But over the past couple years, hacking has taken on an alternative form that is loaded with positives. “Life hacks” are all the rage right now and refer to tricks and shortcuts that lead to increased efficiency and productivity through clever means. With the rise in popularity of life hacks, it is natural that the business world would create a tangent of their own that puts this practice to use in the workplace. So, without further delay, here are the 10 best office hacks…

Best Office Hacks #10: Hair straightener

This is a picture of a hair straightener being used to iron a shirt and it is one of the ten best office hacks

If you have no time to iron your shirt, (or have never ironed anything in your life), a quick way to smooth some wrinkles, straighten collars, or dial in the perfect hem is to use a hair straightener. There. Now you look real good for that interview or big presentation.

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Best Office Hacks #9: Sharpie

This is a picture of a shoe being colored in by a sharpie because it is one of the best office hacks

Your black dress shoes are a shell of their former selves. You have an important meeting coming up and need to make a good impression. Grab a sharpie, touch up your shoes, and nobody will know that you are in the market for a new pair of business kicks.

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Best Office Hacks #8: Coffee timekeeper

This is a picture of two cups being used to keep track of the time coffee was made because it is one of the best office hacks

One of the top 5 most asked questions in the office is, “How old is this coffee?” Solve this puzzle for everyone by making a coffee timekeeper. Now nobody has to ask and can instead focus on staying caffeinated.

via life.hackaday


Best Office Hacks #7: Water bottle

This is a picture of a water bottle with time increments taped onto it to help manage hydration as one of the best office hacks

Even though most of us aren’t working up a sweat at our desk, it is important to stay hydrated. Keep yourself on track by creating a water bottle that  puts you on a water-drinking schedule rather than just chugging a glass at lunch and sprinting to the bathroom 20 minutes later.



Best Office Hacks #6: Password apps

This is a picture of a girl in front of her computer trying to remember her password when she should use one of the best office hacks and get a password app

If you don’t simply use one password for all your logins (DON’T DO IT!!! HUGE SECURITY RISK!!!), then the toughest part of your day is remembering all 57 of credentials. Help yourself out and use a password app that won’t let you forget any of them. Now you can keep all your logins secure AND not waste time digging each one up every time you need them.


Best Office Hacks #5: StayFocused

This is a screenshot of the StayFocused app because it made the list of the top 10 best office hacks

You have a big deadline coming up. But your bff Mary just posted pictures from last weekend on Facebook. And that guy you just started seeing is blowing up Twitter with hashtags about something you should probably know about. And….just stop. Quit wasting time and stay on top of the things you need to get done by downloading a browser add-on like StayFocused. Tools like these let you lock yourself out of time-wasting sites for predetermined periods of time so that you aren’t even tempted to get off task.


Best Office Hacks #4: CDs

This is a picture of a coffee mug sitting on old compact discs because it is one of the best office hacks

CDs don’t want to go the way of cassette tapes and there are ways to keep them relevant. But rather than chucking them at Gary who sits 4 cubicles away, use CDs to balance out wobbly office furniture or as coasters.



Best Office Hacks #3: Bread tabs

This is a picture of a bread tab saving your place on a roll of tape and is one of the best office hacks

In the US alone, businesses lose 872 million hours of productivity each year to employees fiddling with rolls of tape because they can’t find/unstick the end. This is where bread tabs come in to save the day. May the American GDP rejoice.
Bonus pro tip: Bread tabs can also be used to organize power cords.

via hackanator


Best Office Hacks #2: Spice rack

This is a picture of a spice rack that contains small office supplies and is one of the best office hacks

Grab a cheap or depleted spice rack and load it up with all your small office supplies. Instead of being muddled helplessly in your cluttered desk drawer, all your paperclips, tacks, staples, rubber bands, flash drives, and lucky pennies will have a groovy new home.



Best Office Hacks #1: Answering service

A great answering service does more than just pick up the phone. Use an answering service to increase sales, generate revenue, enhance customer service, improve customer retention, build productivity, focus on your core business, and more.


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