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10 Benefits of Live Chat for Ecommerce Companies


The online marketplace has boomed in the recent past and only continues to grow as more and more people choose to shop via the internet for a variety of reasons. Customers have more power than ever, and if they aren’t satisfied with their experience on a website, they just click away to the next one and that business loses the opportunity to make a sale.

Companies that use a tool on their websites called Live Chat have the ability to interact with visitors to their site, answer questions potential buyers might have, and close the deal more frequently. Providing that element of accessibility is a huge leg up for businesses as it enables them to enhance the customer experience and serve visitors on a more personal level.

Live Chat can function on a website in a variety of ways. A button can sit in plain view on desired web pages that can be clicked by a visitor to initiate a chat session when they have a question. A more proactive way to harness Live Chat is to set up automatic prompts. To engage more visitors in a Live Chat session, automatic triggers based on predefined visitor behavior can prompt a chat box to pop up on the user’s screen that invites them to get their questions answered, or simply remind them they have the Live Chat option available to them. Finally, agents can take the initiative to kick start a Live Chat session when they see that visitors have viewed a certain number/kind of pages or have been on the website for a predetermined amount of time.

One of the greatest components of Live Chat is that businesses can outsource this function to companies like Sound Telecom who have an established history of implementing successful Live Chat programs. Partnering with a reputable provider immediately gives businesses the ability to cater towards their site visitors and potential customers on a 24/7 basis.

Key pieces to an effective Live Chat program often includes features like:

  • Text-based Chat – Customers and visitors connect immediately to a customer service agent and converse in real-time by sending messages via computer or other device. Agents provide immediate answers and assistance by “pushing” or sending pre-defined blocks of text, web pages, virtually any type of file (e.g., PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel), audio and video clips.
  • Email Response – Agents reply to customer inquiries with quick, informative and precise responses that build customer loyalty and satisfaction.
  • Voice Escalation – Assist online customers by offering unprecedented human touch while on your website. For example, if a customer wants to talk to an agent during the middle of a Live Chat session, this powerful tool allows an agent to do so.
  • Customer Interaction History – All previous Live Chat sessions are logged for easy retrieval during subsequent interactions and used by agents to quickly address customer’s issues without their having to restate everything to the new agent.
  • Response Libraries – Built, customized and quickly set-up pre-defined text responses, URL’s and files using color-coded, tree-folder, Response Libraries are easy to use, so agents can drive this information to customers in seconds.
  • Exit Surveys – Companies can choose to send customers an Exit Survey at the end of the Live Chat session. It can be customized with specific questions plus space for one open-ended response.
  • Advanced Security – Live Chat sessions can be secured for complete privacy. Using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption, chats are encoded from end-to-end, ensuring complete privacy protection for your customer.

Providing fast and accurate information through Live Chat has many benefits for companies. Here are 10 of the greatest advantages:

  1. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  2. Reduce abandoned shopping carts by closing more sales and increasing online revenue
  3. Ability to assist customers and hold their hands as they make large purchases
  4. Opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling
  5. Minimize product returns by helping customers make better informed buying decisions in the first place
  6. A higher level of service helps differentiate companies from their competition
  7. Multilingual chat sessions create a worldwide presence with international sales opportunities
  8. Potential to develop visitor email address databases when transcripts of conversations are requested at end of chat dialogue
  9. Immediate customer responses to survey at the end of sessions provide valuable information
  10. Quick response time to customer emails are handled efficiently by the same Live Chat agents using well-defined Response Libraries

Overall, creating a more pleasant, reliable, and convenient experience for online customers greatly benefits companies in a variety of ways. Utilizing Live Chat is a proven method to make website visitors happy and grow online businesses.



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