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Virtual OfficeA Bilingual Office in the Cloud

Final Virtual Office

Our virtual office is essentially a cloud-based phone system. So, if you don’t need to have an office, but want to appear to your customers and clients as if you do, Sound Telecom has got you covered. Or maybe you do have an office and you’re tired of all the annoying clutter, loud machines, tangled wired and malfunctioning hard/software. Perhaps you are looking for a cheap market expansion line. Are you interested in having an automated receptionist filter your call? We can help with all those scenarios. Whatever your situation is, we can work with you to upgrade your business with a switch to a cloud-based virtual office, so you can forget about the headache of trying to figure out what to do about a physical office space.

Our powerful yet inexpensive tools are at your disposal for immediate implementation and use. Seriously, just give us a call and we can have you set up in a matter of a couple hours. Start seeing the differences your virtual office can make right away.

  • Auto Attendant: an automated receptionist can professionally answer, screen and direct your calls so that you only get the ones you really want to take
  • SmartVoiceMail™: your callers can use local or toll-free numbers to leave messages on your confidential business voicemail system
  • SmartMessage™: consolidate all of your inbound calls, messages and faxes with an efficient, single number from whatever area code you want
  • SmartNumber™: let your callers experience the convenience of using a single number that combines all of your phone, voicemail and fax lines
  • FrontOffice™: PBX phone systems don’t have to be expensive, so we let you enjoy all the features of an advanced PBX system without all the cost

The best part of your virtual office might be the skills to work seamlessly between English and Spanish. We have lifted the language barrier in order to give you access to more customers and clients by having the capability to use your virtual office bilingually. So, whether you need translations, want to be able to better communicate with your customer base, or are looking to expand into a new market, we can help you develop a customized virtual office that perfectly fits your needs, brings a professional image to your brand, and never stops working for you.

We provide nationwide service and can assist you no matter where you live. Feel free to browse our directory.