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Never miss another call, forget an appointment, or deal with having to hire another assistant again. Not only does a Sound Telecom bilingual virtual assistant make your life easier by handling all receptionist duties with their immediate services and accurate work in a professional manner, but now they have the power to do it all in two languages at once. Our bilingual virtual assistants are fluent in both English and Spanish so that they can take care of you in a variety of ways. And it’s just like they are sitting right there in your office.

You might not speak Spanish, but many of your customers, or potential clients do. With a Sound Telecom bilingual virtual assistant, there will be no more communication breakdowns since you will have someone on your team who can translate any and all your messages. Perhaps you are a Spanish speaker who would like to more effectively communicate with your English speaking clients that doesn’t understand your language. Or maybe you already have a receptionist, but they are overworked or unable to handle every aspect of the job at all times. That is where having a bilingual virtual receptionist to backup your existing in-house employees comes in handy, because while your physical receptionist can’t be there all the time, a bilingual virtual assistant can. A Sound Telecom bilingual virtual assistant is perfect for helping you create a satisfying, consistently branded phone experience for everyone who comes into contact with your business no matter which language they speak.

Our experienced, fully trained bilingual virtual receptionists can help you get things done by handling all of your traditional receptionist roles and more in an incredibly professional manner. We want to work with you to build a customized assistant that will meet all your specific needs and objectives. 

  • Live Call Answer, Screen and Transfer: your bilingual virtual assistant quickly answers your calls in a friendly, professional manner, smoothly handles any translations, prioritizes your calls, then lets you know who your caller is before transferring them, and then can stay on the line with you if further translation is required
  • Customer Service: since they will be extremely educated about your business, they can answer routine questions for callers in Spanish and English
  • Order Processing:  they take orders no matter what time the clock says and even offer ecommerce solutions
  • Appointment Scheduling: allow a bilingual virtual assistant to manage your calendar, set meetings and remind you of your engagements
  • Email Management: they respond to incoming emails instantly so you don’t get slowed down by a stuffed inbox
  • Message Recording and Relay: your bilingual virtual assistant will take accurate messages, translate if necessary, and then get them to the right person at the right time by phone, voicemail, text, email, online or however you choose

A bilingual virtual assistant will quickly become your favorite employee, and not simply because they are going to make your life way easier. These United States based professionals work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, won’t miss any action by being on a lunch break, and you never have to give them any vacation days. It’s that kind of dedication to your business that results in success.

We provide nationwide service and can assist you no matter where you live. Feel free to browse our directory.