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Make your life easier and give your business an advantage by using a bilingual online secretary. Instead of trying to keep track of everything yourself, or having to hire someone that requires a desk, 9-5 pay, benefits and vacation, choose to use a bilingual virtual receptionist. A Sound Telecom bilingual online secretary works remotely for you in exactly the way that you specify and you only pay for the work that they actually do. They operate with a professional and friendly attitude while portraying your brand exactly as you lay it out. Highly trained and experienced, they provide assistance to you and your customers 24/7.

One of the most exciting things about your online secretary will be their capability to operate as a bilingual receptionist. Fluent in Spanish and English, they will serve the needs of you and your clients by getting things done in whichever language you need. In today’s marketplace, being able to serve both English and Spanish speaking customers is crucial. A Sound Telecom bilingual online secretary opens the gates to effective communication to help your business grow and serve all customers well.

A bilingual online secretary can assist you in many ways:

  • Appointment Scheduling: let a virtual secretary manage your calendar, set appointments, remind you of meetings, and never miss another important engagement
  • Customer Service: your bilingual online assistant will be educated on your business so that they can provide customers with the kind of service you expect
  • Email Response: say goodbye to your crazy inbox, because a bilingual online secretary can organize your emails and instantly respond to incoming messages around the clock
  • Live Answering: instead of an automated greeting or getting sent straight to voicemail, your callers will get to speak with a real person who can get them the help they need in their language
  • Order processing: an online secretary can take orders from customers no matter what time it is and process ecommerce sales as well
  • Live Chat: an online bilingual receptionist can chat with clients via the web to get them the information they need and the solutions necessary for a great customer experience

Whatever your needs may be, a bilingual online secretary will provide you with the quality help you deserve and the kind of exceptional customer service your clients expect.

We provide nationwide service and can assist you no matter where you live. Feel free to browse our directory.