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We offer pager services to individuals and enterprise groups with modern, reliable pager services and pager equipment. Sound Telecom can help you develop an efficient and economical paging solution that meets your specific communication requirements. You can buy or lease any of our popular equipment including numeric, alphanumeric, and two-way messaging pagers. And with local, regional, and nationwide coverage options, you’re sure to find the right pager plan to fit your needs and your budget. 


Whether you need a national pager that will perform for you anywhere in the entire U.S., or a local pager that works only in any one of the 50 U.S. states, we’ve got you covered. We maintain an extensive inventory of local and national pagers, which means we can repair or replace a pager quickly.


No matter what you want from your paging service, you’re bound to find it here. Collaborate with us to build a customized paging service solution that includes:

  • Local or nationwide numeric pagers or alphanumeric pagers
  • Corporate, multi-user, or individual plans
  • Prompt and personal service for pager repair or replacement
  • Alphanumeric and text message delivery and dispatch
  • Competitive pager equipment rates and airtime charges
  • High-quality telephone answering services such as alpha dispatch, voicemail and more to complement your paging services
  • Wide selection of reliable 2-way pagers or 3-way pagers 

Do business with a one-stop shop providing national and local coverage and you will enjoy the convenience and simplicity of dealing with one company for all of your pager needs. Through our no-hassle corporate and multi-user service and billing plans, you can purchase or lease multiple pagers and receive a single itemized bill each month. And when you need to repair or replace a pager, you call us, not the manufacturer, resulting in faster, easier service.

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