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Funeral and Mortuary Services

Supporting the funeral and mortuary service industry with care and understanding

Compassion and understanding is the key ingredient in every funeral and mortuary service business. You must act compassionately while providing prompt and attentive service. Each event is unique in nature and requires everyone involved to be extra sensitive to the matter at hand. Sound Telecom’s courteous answering services exercise empathy and urgency with each call.

Our program consultants work directly with funeral directors to help create a response that is appropriate to each business. Our mortuary answering service programs handle calls during the day, after-hours, and on weekends. We are happy to answer questions about advance arrangements while assisting callers with their immediate needs. We treat our agents like family. And our agents will be empathetic to families that are calling in to seek support at such a dramatic time in their lives. We will politely respond and assist.

Fully-equipped live answering support for the mortuary services industry

We understand your business. We understand the need. Since 1986 we have played a critical role in after-hours support for the funeral and mortuary services industry. Understanding the nature of the calls and the gravity of each situation makes us an ideal partner for you. We handle your customers the way that you would handle them, with care and undivided attention.

  • Live Operator Service: people who call are able to speak with a real, compassionate person who is sensitive to their needs and can help them during their ordeal at any time of the day
  • Pick-up Calls: When the need is greatest, we are there to answer the call.
  • Customized call handling and relay procedures: We small businesses and those with multiple funeral directors. We ensure that we place the right message to the right person at the right time
  • Call patching and transfer: We understand some callers need to speak to you immediately. We’ll transfer the call warmly and professionally so you never miss a customer service opportunity
  • Viewing times and directions: Allow us to assist your customers with viewing time questions. We’ll help them get where they need to be
  • Convenient Message Delivery: receive confidential messages the way you want them – email, text-to-cell, pager, fax, voicemail, or live operator
  • Voicemail services: Automate your viewing times and driving directions when necessary. We support our live answering services with voice mail on an as-needed basis. Control your customer messaging 24/7

Trust the leader in funeral and mortuary answering service to help you serve the delicate needs of your customers. Work with us to build a program that suits your needs and helps you take care of the people you are dedicated to serving with a funeral home answering service.

We provide nationwide service and can assist you no matter where you live. Feel free to browse our directory.