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With more than 30 million people living in America who speak a primary language other than English, the need for bilingual answering services has never been greater. Sound Telecom offers you an easy and inexpensive solution so that you can communicate clearly with virtually anyone in the world, anytime, from anywhere thanks to a multilingual answering service. 


How it works: We learn from you what languages you will be expecting your callers to use. Then, we set up a quick automated routing option on the front end of the call, (press 1 for English, 2 para Español, etc.). Our trained and knowledgeable USA based agents then bring the appropriate 3rd party translation professional into the conversation, and stay on the line while a native language specialist facilitates the translation of your call. We then accurately deliver your messages to you in English. 

Just a few of the 220 different languages we support are:

  • Spanish (our Spanish Answering Services are all handled in-house by our bilingual agents)
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • Vietnamese 


Not only do Sound Telecom agents have the ability to provide translations services, but they also deliver:


  • 24/7 Live Operator Availability: never miss calls or opportunities with a bilingual answering service that manages your phones around the clock to provide live answering, translation, screening, message taking, and transfer
  • Call-Forwarding and Flexible Handling: according to the criteria you specify, your calls will be professionally answered, translated, processed, and routed
  • Overflow Coverage: during peak call times, there is always a live person for your customers to speak with in their language
  • Service Dispatch: using a multilingual answering service assures that emergency, technical, and service personnel get critical messages at the right time so they can be where they need to be

Sound Telecom presents an intelligent and efficient way to overcome the language barrier for your patients, clients or customers. Our courteous, friendly and highly skilled representatives are totally committed to helping you meet your bilingual answering service needs.